Net curtain measuring guide

Measuring for net curtains involves taking two measurements on your window. If you already have a net curtain wire or net curtain rod in place measure the drop from the wire or rod to where you want the curtain to end. If not, then measure from the top of the frame (not the glass), inside the window reveal. For the width measure the width of the existing wire or net curtain rod, or the frame if none is currently fitted.

Net curtains come in standard drops with a hem made at the top for the net curtain wire or rod to pass through, so the next step is to choose the nearest drop to your measurement. This may be slightly less or more than your measurement and still work for your window. If a standard drop is not quite right for your window, you can shorten the curtain net by turning over the top hem, or our seamstresses can shorten the next longest drop to your measurement.

The standard drops available are:

Standard net drops (length downwards in centimetres then inches):

90cm / 36″     101cm / 40″     106cm / 42″*      114cm / 45″      137cm / 54″       153cm / 60″      160cm / 63″      183cm / 72″      206cm / 81″      229cm / 90″      275cm / 108"*  

Please note; 106cm & 275cm drops are only available  in selected ranges.​

Once you know which drop you want, you need to decide how full to have your curtains. The standard fullness is 2 x your width measurement, but if you want additional privacy you can go for 2.5 or even 3 times fullness. Multiply your width measurement by the fullness you’ve chosen and that gives the length of net curtain fabric you need to buy. Most net curtains do not fray, so you can leave the edges as cut. If you prefer a hemmed edge, you can do this yourself or our seamstresses can hem them for you.

Example window measurements:
Drop 142cm, Width 183cm

Drop chosen 140cm, 2x fullness so 366cm of net curtain needed. You may need to round this up to 4m of net curtain fabric, depending on how it is sold. 

For net curtain wire, you will need slightly less than the width of the window to allow for the eyes(loops) on the end of the wire and so the wire is slightly stretched. We would usually take about 2″/5cm from the width measured to allow for this, but you can cut the wire yourself at home with a pair of pliers to get the correct tension for your window. Net curtain rods come in standard sizes to fit a range of window sizes.

​How To Wash Nets

For best results net curtains should be hand washed although they can be folded and placed into the washing machine and washed on a 30 degree delicate wash. They are best hung whilst still slightly wet this should eliminate the need to iron however if ironing is required use a cool setting. 

To keep nets looking fresh they should be changed at least every 2-3 years.